Busybee PowerBlast

Busybee PowerBlast is the pillar of our company’s success. This software is a product of our hardworking programmers, developers, and engineers.

Busybee BrandTxT

Busybee BrandTxt is a messaging platform that covers over 900 mobile networks across 180 countries. It has a wide range of fully set web SMS features that are very user-friendly.

Web Development

Our Web Development service uses a combination of Microsoft Visual Basic, Active Server Pages, SQL Server, and straight web design to create pages that efficiently work in almost every browser.


Gobuzzter is Mybusybee’s newest social media marketing service for individuals, SMEs, and companies.

Other Digital Services

Free web integration of website chat support and Zopim messaging support; website statistics overview; multiple agents; and more.

Busybee Mobile Application

The Busybee Mobile App is an Android application that allows users to send branded bulk SMS through their mobile phone.

We Customize

Many industries and corporations still use SMS as part of their processes. In fact, companies cannot eliminate SMS in the chain because it is simply the fastest and the most efficient channel to send out messages from point A to point B.

We Are Incubating

We are currently developing Beex; a platform for target marketing; PinoyHelpers a way for employers and kasambahays to directly connect with each other; and Googlers, a locally-brewed version of People Finder.