Looking for a Software Reseller? We Got Your Back!
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    Hi there!

    So, one of the problems on coming up with a quality software is having to worry on how to sell them. Requiring a whole new area that needs a whole new field of expertise, unless you’re a big company that has it all from the development team to the marketing team.

    But, there are aspiring creators that don’t have a complete set of team yet.

    That’s why here at Busybee, we are giving those certain people a chance.

    If you’re confident that you’re product has that quality that helps out those who struggle with any digital issue, or a tool that eases work well, you can partner with Busybee.


    Simple, aside from Busybee having a whole marketing team that reaches to clients well, there is also the fact that we cater on both companies and government agencies. We have a diversity in terms of clients, and getting your software exposed to these clients is a great plus for you!

    And even if you are an established company, but still need a whole new team to resell your software, we got your back. You’re welcome here!


    So start with us, where everything Digital Marketing’s at! Just go to or follow our Official Facebook Page at and contact (02) 929-2222 or (63) 917-837-2000 now!

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