Why You Should Trust Busybee: Here are the facts!

    Entrepreneurs are always doubtful. It’s their habit to always have second thoughts on anything in terms of partnering with a service provider before agreeing to anything, making sure that there’s a 200% improvement on their business comparing to how it was before.

    And that’s understandable.

    Which is why we’re laying the facts now! And here’s why you should trust Busybee:

    We are the #1 Provider

    SMS Marketing’s been aiding the business industry since the early 2000’s. It’s effective then, and it’s still effective now. Our bulk messaging service PowerBlast, the pillar of the company’s successs, and SMS notification software BrandTXT have innovated through the years and have always kept up with the trend of anything SMS Marketing, with PowerBlast now being on its 5th version; having updates like the auto-reply SMS, SMS chatroom, template SMS, a scheduler, and more!

    And with all that, many leads have been turned into believers over the years, testifying to a marketing tool with so much ease.


    We are a VAS-Licensed

    MyBusybee Inc., is a VAS-Licensed Company under the National Telecommunications Commission, with the Busybee Brand being a registered trademark under the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines. Yes we are both those things so we could ensure our clients that the Busybee Brand is a reliable and most importantly a credible business partner that any small, medium, or big enterprise can trust.


    We are  credible team of professionals

    What else are you looking for? Because we got programmers, engineers, web and application developers/designers, a whole marketing team, content writers, and graphic artists. Yes, professionals in various industries, to ensure our clients that their brands are in good and capable hands.


    We are trusted by both Private and Government Agencies


    Here at Busybee, we serve a diverse group of clients, because our services have been deemed needed by either Private or Government Agencies. It’s important to note that we ensure equal performances without looking at the level of our clients; whether they’re a small, medium or big enterprise, we’ll always give our maximum efforts.


    We have everything DIGITAL MARKETING


    Finally, it doesn’t get tiring to say, but Busybee is a proud one-stop-shop of all things digital marketing. SMS Marketing, Website Development, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and more! Seriously…AND MORE!

    Imagine eating at a restaurant to find everything that you’ve been craving for there! Yeah, we’re like that.



    Now, do we need to say more? So go ahead now and check out Busybee, see what best fit your brand.

     Just go to or follow our Official Facebook Page at and contact (02) 929-2222 or (63) 917-837-2000 now!


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