NPC Suspends Jollibee Delivery Website Due To Serious Vulnerabilities

NPC Suspends Jollibee Delivery Website Due To Serious Vulnerabilities

On May 8, 2018, the National Privacy Commission (NPC) has ordered for the suspension of the website or the delivery website of Jollibee, one of the biggest fast-food chains in the Philippines; as it was discovered that there have been vulnerabilities found in its systems.

According to the NPC, about 18 million who were registered in the system’s database could be at risk of online threats.

Jollibee Food Corporation (JFC), in a follow-up statement said that they have complied with the suspension order of the NPC. They also added that they will be looking into the websites of brands under the JFC as a safety precaution.

The JFC mentioned that, “…we will be able to facilitate faster online delivery system improvements and update security measures that will further strengthen data protection.”


How could your website avoid such vulnerabilities?




You can start protecting your website now by using Acunetix!



Acunetix is a Website Vulnerability Scanner for websites and web applications that might contain vulnerabilities, which later on could lead to the inevitable hack.

This software blocks all possible loopholes that hackers might use as gateways to your websites, and later on to your computers.


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Why Your Brand Needs a Chat Support Now

Why Your Brand Needs a Chat Support Now

A chat support is necessary in today’s aggressive business standard, that’s a fact. And it’s a guaranteed must-have. Here’s why you should start investing on a chat support tool for your brand:


Customer Service with Ease

Let’s start with the simplest. Most of the market today has upgraded, they prefer things that are more convenient for them.

A hotline still works, sure, but there are people who prefer chatting today. Even better when they visit a website and that chat box pops up, that way, they’ll be able to ask the question right away. No need for a ticket, or a long wait to talk to the right person over the phone.

The immediate reach to agents over a chat box makes for a faster customer service.



Cheaper and More Efficient

Bills. Bills. Bills. Look, here’s the thing, putting up many customer service hotlines is fine and all, but let’s face it, it’s expensive, especially if your brand deems to have more hotlines than just one. And of course, if you’re looking to put up more hotlines, then you also need to put up more people to be ready to answer.

With a chat support, it is also possible to multitask, enabling agents to answer more inquiries simultaneously (given that if the agent can). Now, imagine if an agent can attend to at least three at once, and you have like, four  agents in the office, imagine how efficient it would be for the customers waiting.


Be Aware of the Serious Problems

Sometimes, if the business gets too busy, the entrepreneur finds it difficult to keep track of the serious problems most customer would have.  Before, most inquiries would only be exposed to one member of the department and not the whole, sometimes not even the entrepreneur, leaving the issue ignored.

A chat support system piles up the history chats in one place, making it easier for the entrepreneur to observe any recurring issue that the business might have.



Be Ahead of the Competition

Running down all things mentioned about having a chat support, it all leads to one important factor, being ahead of the competition.

Having an efficient tool that satisfies the customers, and the interest of the business, now that’s something that’ll truly advances your business ahead.


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Busybee’s Website Development: Well-Designed, Well-Maintained

Busybee’s Website Development: Well-Designed, Well-Maintained

Hello there! It’s me, Bee!

Everyone needs a website, whether you’re a small, medium, or big enterprise, at this point of time, with everything going digital now, all businesses should be as well.

Starting with Digital Marketing 101; having a website.

But do you think having a website is enough? Believe me, there’s more to that!

You have to keep it a point that you’re website is secured, fully functioning, well-designed and most importantly; mobile optimized.

Firstly, security, if your website is not that much protected, chances are, you are prone to hackers. And we know how bad that can go, especially now with serial hackers targeting big companies and even small ones on a global basis, losing important business information.

A website has to have its functions well-made. Think of how much of a turn-off it will be if your audience ventures your website only to find out that some of, say, buttons are not working at all. And it should be mobile-friendly as well, given at how everyone’s on their mobile phones right now. It’s a hassle how a website, when opened on a phone, appears on a phone as how it would on a desktop. Imagine the hassle of resizing and dragging the screen.

Finally, of course, one of the best factors that attract audiences in is the fact that the website they’re looking at isn’t that irritating to the eyes. Meaning a design that stands out than your competitors, giving you that more professional look.


And yes, you know where I’m going with this. 

Busybee’s Website Development is a service trusted by companies of both Government and private agencies. 

Our designs are top-notch, just check out the home page of this website. Killer, right? And we don’t just stop there, because Busybee will make sure that your website is well-maintained and fully-functioned. 

In terms of Security, we got that covered with Busybee’s Acunetix. A vulnerability scanning system that checks out your website for possible loopholes that any hacker might use as a gateway inside your website. 


Yep, we got it all here, (everything digital marketing, that is). SO, where do you want to start?

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Why You Should Hire A Web Developer Now!

Why You Should Hire A Web Developer Now!

Doing a website on your own is hard work. Sure, there are services online that offer an individual to generate websites for free. But free-generated websites don’t guarantee stability and competitiveness to those who wish to utilize them for businesses.

Stop doing things on your own, get yourself a web developer now!

Here’s why:



Get the design of a lifetime! If you have yourself a visualized website perfection, but don’t know how to apply it, there are the right people to help you. Don’t have a good eye for design? Never worry! Web developers know exactly how your website should look, depending on your product and/or service. Get that look that will level with the big ones!



Putting up a website on your own, doesn’t guarantee immunity to any crash or problem. Even the ones professionals create do. But the difference is that professionals know how to cope up and fix the crash. They know how to keep a website working properly and can ensure that a crash or any problem whatsoever won’t happen regularly.



Great design and functions only spell competitiveness. But what web developers can also offer you is the fact that they know how to keep your website up-to-date, they know how to gear your website with the updates the world of the Internet keeps on making, aggressively!



So, thought about it? Call the right guys now!

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Why Your Website Should Be MOBILE-FRIENDLY?

Why Your Website Should Be MOBILE-FRIENDLY?

Tired of visiting a website where you have to resize or drag to a space because it’s too big for your mobile screen?

Yes, we all have been there, and we’re still experiencing it to some websites who wouldn’t take the courtesy to make their website be mobile-friendly. Meaning what you get on your computer screen, is what you’ll still get on your mobile phones, and I know you’re imagining the hassle.

Especially if you’re a business website, this is a major turn-off for your possible market if they see your website and it’s not mobile optimized.

Keep in mind of the following and get your website mobile-friendly now!



Who hasn’t, right? Probably the biggest reason why your website should be mobile-optimized right about now. About everyone, young or old, is on a smartphone. And more importantly, has access to an internet connection so everyone will be able to see your content.



Again, let’s remember the hassle. Remember the times when you search for something online and ended up on a website that’s suitable for desktop. Remember the times when you had to drag or resize just so you could get to where you want on the page. It’s irritating! So, make sure you don’t make your possible market fall victim to this type of experience.



Want people online to see you wherever they go? Make sure that your website is mobile friendly so that wherever  online users go, as long as they have an internet connection, they will enjoy your content, especially if it’s on a mobile-friendly site.


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