Maximize Your SMS Marketing Game this Christmas

Maximize Your SMS Marketing Game this Christmas

This coming holiday season expect all businesses, all brands, whether it be small, medium or big enterprises, to be all-out in their promo packages and special offers. It’s this time a year where everyone anticipates all the discounts, all the buy one take ones, and all other things created to entice their audiences.

And as much as it’s supposed to be filled with “gift-giving”, Christmas time is where the competency level of brands go higher than usual. Some even resorting to expensive tools and gimmicks for better exposure. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all effective too (depending on the creativity and the uniqueness of it).

But why go all-out and unsure when you can try a simple and yet effective tool.

Start with SMS Marketing!


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Just come up with a clever way to entice your audience under 160 characters and you’re good to go.

Send out to your market who are guaranteed on their phones all the time and make them feel like you’re personally offering them something special this Christmas, especially if you send them a text that’s labelled with your brand.

And you all know about the fact that SMS are always read within 3 minutes upon receipt, right?

SMS Marketing guarantees better exposure and faster conversion, because of course, if texts are read within 3 minutes upon receipt, then those who are interested would get on and avail.



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Send Out SMS Coupon for a More Effective Campaign

Send Out SMS Coupon for a More Effective Campaign

SMS marketing is still as effective as before. Why else do you think that, after such a long time, it’s still utilized today?

But here’s a tip for you, to further boost that campaign performance of yours, how about a SMS Coupon?

Since the time coupons were invented, they were one of the top factors that best attract customers in. Some spending countless times cutting or hunting coupons down, hoping to get the largest and most valuable discounts. I mean who doesn’t want to have some huge perk, right? We’re all guilty of it.

Now, combining the concept of coupons with SMS Marketing, what could that mean for your brand? Think about one of the greatest customer-magnet you’ve ever seen.




Let’s be real here, of all tools intended for marketing, SMS will be the one to stay with us for long. It’s something that can’t just be easily kicked out by the other tools. Why? Because it’s THAT effective.

The fact that people are still and will always  be on mobile is one. The ease of using such tool is another.

Some may say these people have upgraded to smarter and more faster devices, which is true. But as true as it is, the  simple concept of SMS has always been the same, it never got upgraded, because it never needed any upgrade in the first place.

Now, let’s go back to the idea of combining coupons with a SMS marketing campaign. Setting up a bulk messaging campaign with coupons on its content, that’s gold.

Imagine how efficient it would be for the many potential market, reached by your SMS marketing campaign. How easy to just causally receive a text message from a brand that says there’s a huge percent off a product/service?

This serves well for both you and your audience, because there’ll be more chances of them to opt-in if they know they’ll (the audience) get something out of it rather than just some random message with a greeting or some bland introduction to your brand.

What’s even better is that once they’ve opted-in to your messages, there’s a chance



So try sending out a SMS coupon today! Use Busybee’s POWERBLAST or BRANDTXT for an even better SMS Marketing performance!

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Bulk Messaging Utilized Well: How the NDRRMC Kept Manila Updated In Typhoon ‘Maring’

Bulk Messaging Utilized Well: How the NDRRMC Kept Manila Updated In Typhoon ‘Maring’

On the 12th of September 2017, the tropical depression ‘Maring’ carried possibly the heaviest rainfall of the year the country has experienced so far.

Flooding was enormous in most of Luzon, which victimized thousands of residents, with some homes washed off, and lives lost.

Many were stranded, caught off-guard and couldn’t go home. Classes and works were cancelled, and some modes of transportation just couldn’t do with too much water on the streets rising.


With the tropical depression flooding the streets of Luzon, the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council however flooded as well, although it was on our phone inboxes.

Have you received messages like these on the day of the tropical depression’s landfall:







This is one of the best examples of Bulk Messaging done right. Thanks to NDRRMC’s constant updates, everyone was more informed of the situation. And the messages were guaranteed read by recipients because they were timely, and unusual, turning this action by the NDRRMC helpful to anyone affected by ‘Maring.’


Hopefully with this action, agencies, private and/or government, are inspired to utilize bulk messaging more the way NDRRMC did.



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Website Chat Support and SMS Integration by Busybee: Features that Your Website Needs

Website Chat Support and SMS Integration by Busybee: Features that Your Website Needs

Most of the markets today are always in a hurry. They prefer reading an article with highlighted details so scanning is okay. They like browsing on a website or an app with features that are easy to use.

Most importantly, they like faster response in terms of customer service. Which is why it is only necessary that you, as the entrepreneur, give them exactly that.

Having a chat support is one of the hottest things in customer service today. It offers customers a faster way to reach you the moment they take interest in your brand as they browse on your website, easing them from waiting on a long queue on a customer service hotline, or having to wait for a response via email for weeks.

With a chat support, a response is made easy and quicker.




And to assure your market that you’ve received the inquiry, let them know via SMS Integration. This sort of system features an automated reply system, built to send messages when an inquiry from the market has been given.




Both these features are just some of the factors that make Busybee Websites in-demand by the market.

Guarantee that you offer your market that ease of usage which later on gives you the advantage as an efficient and competitive brand.

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POWERBLAST: Our Top-Notch SMS Marketing Service

POWERBLAST: Our Top-Notch SMS Marketing Service

Hi! It’s me again, Bee!

Say, have you heard of SMS Marketing? Really? Despite knowing that there are millions of people who are on their phones right now? 

This should be on your top list on marketing option. Here’s why:

SMS Marketing focuses on bulk messaging your market, and possible market with a message of your own choosing. What this implies is that you won’t have to stress texting your clients one by one by copy-pasting their numbers from your contact list. There will already be a built-in software for that. Plus, you can reach those who aren’t even on your list yet.

With SMS Marketing, communicating with your clients have been made easier and…possible. One of the biggest factor that makes SMS Marketing stand out among the rest is that text messages are always read (whether it’s personal or messages from unknown senders) within 3 minutes upon receiving it. Think about the guaranteed exposure there!

Another is that your recipients have the option to opt in or opt out, that way they hold the option to let you message them constantly or not. You will be able to know how many are really interested via observing the opt ins.

It’s cheap, and it’s efficient.

Very efficient!


Look no further than Busybee’s Powerblast!

Powerblast is MyBusybee Inc.’s pillar of success, ensuring quality SMS Marketing like no other. Imagine, being able to reach your market, guaranteed on their phones, in just a single text. 

Powerblast makes it for an easier connection with your clients in just a few clicks away, giving you the advantage as a reliable entrepreneur, without even having to spend too much time off your business.

Be ahead of your competition now! Start with Powerblast!

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