Email Marketing and the Holiday Season

Email Marketing and the Holiday Season

The holiday season’s coming. Get your Christmas marketing game face on because it’s this time of year where brands go all-out for a marketing campaign.

With that, may we ask you, do you have email marketing included in your plan?

Well, you should.

Believe it or not, email marketing is one of the most efficient tools to use in the upcoming holiday season.

Recent studies show that in a year, it’s the near-Christmas period where emails are sent and opened. This must be due to brands offering more than their usual promos, special packages/offers, etc. as a “gift” fitted for a season of “gift-giving”. And who wouldn’t want to open messages filled with presumed gifts.


Go all out this holiday season!



A campaign should always be on-time, a holiday campaign however, it should always be way ahead of time. Start as early as after Halloween, or better yet when people start counting down at September. But if you’re going to start that early, try easing the audience in, don’t hurl at them too much yet. Try to welcome them to the holiday season by showing them your early Christmas gifts.




Just as a regular email campaign, you have to entice your audience and make sure they’re hooked starting from the subject line to its graphical content. It’s what mostly sells an email campaign.

As usual, keep it short, creative and information-filled.

Make sure you have your special offer/promo on artistic and easy-to-notice visuals for your audience.


And if you’re looking for a tool that could carry all your email marketing needs, what you need for this specific campaign is BeezMail!

BeezMail is an easy-to-use and feature-packed email platform designed to get your messages attention and action. Creating beautiful emails and newsletters has never been simpler with BeezMail’s three step process: Upload, Compose, and Send.

Even if you’re not a design expert, BeezMail’s Drag & Drop functionality and built-in Template Gallery will see to it that your email looks personal, professional, and most of all, transactional across any device. BeezMail also features an Advanced Live Reporting System so you can systematically track your business’ growth.

It’s perfect if you’re planning (which you should) out an email marketing campaign this holiday season.


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Email Marketing is Still Alive pt. III

Email Marketing is Still Alive pt. III

We’re still covering a lot of grounds on why email marketing is still as effective as it was before. With that, here are more reasons why!


(Before you begin, missed out on parts one and two? Check them here!



SLAP THEM (no, not literally) WITH THE ‘YOU’ WORD

Emphasizing that your market needs what you have to offer is a good way to ensure a conversion from reader to consumer. Use YOU a lot.

Like YOU have this particular problem, now YOU need my product/service to fix it. YOU need to have this now while supplies still run.

Addressing your market as YOU, adds up to a more personal approach. Makes you look like you’re actually talking to your market, which you should really sound like in your email campaigns.

But don’t overdo it. We don’t want you to seem like you’re just barking orders at your possible market.



If you’re thinking a generic message with a generic greeting won’t be enough for your readers (and yes, they’re not enough), present them with an issue they hate most, that will eventually lead to your brand solving the problem.

Everyone loves a problem solved.

And everyone surely loves other people solving problems for them. Make them see that fact on your content and boom (boom is when you convert them into consumers)!



If you’re sending email campaigns to first time recipients, don’t immediately order them to buy something from you. That’s generic. And generic is sometimes booooooooring. What you need to do, as we’ve established a couple of times, is you need to sound like a friend in your content. So, establish. Take it as slow as possible to the point where your possible market wouldn’t notice that they’re being sales-talked into buying something.



Anywaaaaaaaaayyy. Maybe there are still some grounds to cover. We’ll see. And we’ll definitely keep you posted!


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Email Marketing is Still Alive pt. II

Email Marketing is Still Alive pt. II


Right, so we’ve established the basics of why email marketing is very much still alive and should still be utilized today. But if you want to recall those tips before reading further this one, here!


Okay! Now, here are some more grounds to cover if part one hasn’t really convinced you to engage on email marketing.



Ask your recipients something relevant enough to make them respond to your emails, or even to make them open it in the first place. Something that relates to an issue in which your brand is known for giving solution to.

You’re making them feel like you’re checking on them in terms of their needs, like a friend. Make them realize, just by asking a question that they need your product and/or service.



Don’t sound like one of those online autoreply bots that would start a message with a generic greeting. Hi. Hello. I am a robot (insert robotic autotune). Now as we’ve established, in emailing your clients, you need to sound more like a friend, more like a human being in general.  In this note, you have to also keep it in mind that you must have a consistent tone when it comes to talking through your email so that if you get your recipients to engage with you, at least it won’t be hard establishing a relationship knowing that they’ve been speaking to the same person all through the course of their engagement with the brand.



Spontaneity works best to generate legitimate enthusiasm.  Stop making an emailing pattern. Something like how many words should you use, or what kind of subject line will you do. Send emails however you want it. It sprouts out that personal factor that you should give, and that your recipients should read.



There may still be some few grounds left to cover. And we’re going to keep tackling them until you’ve finally settled in the fact that email marketing is still worth investing to!


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Email Marketing is Still Alive…Using the Right Content!

Email Marketing is Still Alive…Using the Right Content!

Email marketing is still alive, take note of that. The problem is, most people’s way of utilizing the is what’s giving them the thought that email marketing is ineffective.

But if used right, email marketing can still drive engagement in with your clients, further digging a deeper relationship between a consumer and an entrepreneur, because at the end of the day, that’s the most important thing a businessperson should work hard to establish.

Now, sitting there, confidently thought of a killer email, you’re finally considering to blast it all out. But the fact is, as formal and as well-written as your work may be, you still have to consider the following:



Sure, you’re a great writer, let’s give you that. But even so, if you put in too many words on your message to your clients, giving all the information, all the facts about your products and/or services, background of your business, chances are, your readers won’t even make it to paragraph number three seeing how many paragraphs you’ve put into it. Keep in mind that most people online are quick readers. So better hook them in the first sentence, and better squeeze all essentials in a paragraph or two.



Today’s world, everything has changed, one of which is the fact that most people are now appreciating the less-formal type of entrepreneurs and would rather prefer the friendly ones. The ones who would seem like they’re helping out their clients, as if they’re concerned with them rather than they’re just selling something. You make sure that your email is highlighting exactly that, that you care for them, that you offer a solution like a friend, to solve a particular problem another friend is having.



Finally, stop annoying your readers with content that are useless to them. Make sure that your email will have something useful to your market. Every click counts in email marketing, make sure that it’s worth it!


There’s still more ground to cover and you’ll see that email marketing is still worth investing to!

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