We Now Have 67 Million Internet Users in the Philippines – Reach Them Now!

We Now Have 67 Million Internet Users in the Philippines – Reach Them Now!

Was it really a surprise at this point?


On a statistic laid out by Hootsuite, a social media management service based on the US, as part of their “Digital in 2018″ report, it was uncovered that as of January 2018, there are now exactly 67 Million internet users in the Philippines.




What does this mean for you and your brand? It clearly means that you need digital marketing now more than ever. The recent findings further prove that the likes of SMS Marketing and ESPECIALLY Social Media Marketing are to be considered greatly in terms of quality and efficient means of promoting your brand.

Think of the thousands of those in the millions of people who are online and on mobile. Imagine the reach now that more people are reachable.

Now greatly considering the numbers, the only thing that matters now will be choosing the right tool, the right means to reach these people that are guaranteed one step away from being reached.

And what better place to choose from than Busybee, a place where everything digital marketing’s at.


What you might need from us (For more information, click on the names of the products):


BrandTXT PowerBlast: Powerful messaging platforms that are set to target the people who are surely locked on their mobile phones now in just a couple of clicks.


Beezmail: An easy-to-use and feature-packed email platform designed to get your messages attention and action. Creating beautiful emails and newsletters has never been simpler in a three step process: Upload, Compose, and Send.


BeeSocial: We at BeeSocial have one mission: grow your brand online. As such, we follow strict steps to ensure that your online presence gets the best treatment possible. Our social media campaigns are carefully designed from start to finish, to further highlight a consistent brand voice for your business.


Website DevelopmentBUSYBEE offers professional website design and development services to help you successfully plan, create, maintain, and market your products and services effectively. Our strengths include fresh and creative graphic design, solid information architecture, and useful web interactive features including blogs, polls, e-newsletters, message boards, and forums.


There are more ways for you to reach the many people who are online and/or on mobile now. Check out all the possibilities here at Busybee now: https://mybusybee.net/ for everything Digital Marketing or follow our Official Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/officialbusybee.textblast/ and contact (02) 929-2222 or (63) 917-837-200.



Source/s: https://hootsuite.com/

We Are Now with QUICKBOOKS!

We Are Now with QUICKBOOKS!

Mybusybee Inc. can now lend all the best solutions in terms of any accounting-related issues, thanks to a team of professionals who are already equipped with the knowledge to efficiently execute the service as a QuickBooks Top ProAdvisor.




QuickBooks makes it easy to work anywhere, with cloud accounting software, your data is always at your fingertips.

Manage your finances everywhere: With your accounting data organized in the cloud with QuickBooks, you can track sales, create and send invoices, and know how your business is doing at any time.

Collaborate with colleagues: QuickBooks’ cloud-based software allows your bookkeeper, accountant, or colleagues, to log in simultaneously and work directly with your data online.

Securely access your data: QuickBooks uses advanced, industry-recognised security safeguards to keep all of your data protected. Best of all, your information is automatically backed up.


Whether you’re an individual, looking for a professional help with accounting, or an accounting-professional, looking to be with the perfect team who’ll utilize your expertise very well, YOU’RE ALL WELCOME HERE at QUICKBOOKS!

 So signup to QuickBooks Plus now! http://www.quickbooksplus.ph/


Maximize Your SMS Marketing Game this Christmas

Maximize Your SMS Marketing Game this Christmas

This coming holiday season expect all businesses, all brands, whether it be small, medium or big enterprises, to be all-out in their promo packages and special offers. It’s this time a year where everyone anticipates all the discounts, all the buy one take ones, and all other things created to entice their audiences.

And as much as it’s supposed to be filled with “gift-giving”, Christmas time is where the competency level of brands go higher than usual. Some even resorting to expensive tools and gimmicks for better exposure. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all effective too (depending on the creativity and the uniqueness of it).

But why go all-out and unsure when you can try a simple and yet effective tool.

Start with SMS Marketing!


download (100)


Just come up with a clever way to entice your audience under 160 characters and you’re good to go.

Send out to your market who are guaranteed on their phones all the time and make them feel like you’re personally offering them something special this Christmas, especially if you send them a text that’s labelled with your brand.

And you all know about the fact that SMS are always read within 3 minutes upon receipt, right?

SMS Marketing guarantees better exposure and faster conversion, because of course, if texts are read within 3 minutes upon receipt, then those who are interested would get on and avail.



Start your Christmas Campaign right with us, check out Busybee’s POWERBLAST and BRANDTXT for an even even better SMS Marketing solution.

To know more, check out Busybee now at https://mybusybee.net/ or follow our Official Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/officialbusybee.textblast/ and contact (02) 929-2222 or (63) 917-837-200.


Why You Should Trust Busybee: Here are the facts!

Why You Should Trust Busybee: Here are the facts!

Entrepreneurs are always doubtful. It’s their habit to always have second thoughts on anything in terms of partnering with a service provider before agreeing to anything, making sure that there’s a 200% improvement on their business comparing to how it was before.

And that’s understandable.

Which is why we’re laying the facts now! And here’s why you should trust Busybee:

We are the #1 Provider

SMS Marketing’s been aiding the business industry since the early 2000’s. It’s effective then, and it’s still effective now. Our bulk messaging service PowerBlast, the pillar of the company’s successs, and SMS notification software BrandTXT have innovated through the years and have always kept up with the trend of anything SMS Marketing, with PowerBlast now being on its 5th version; having updates like the auto-reply SMS, SMS chatroom, template SMS, a scheduler, and more!

And with all that, many leads have been turned into believers over the years, testifying to a marketing tool with so much ease.


We are a VAS-Licensed

MyBusybee Inc., is a VAS-Licensed Company under the National Telecommunications Commission, with the Busybee Brand being a registered trademark under the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines. Yes we are both those things so we could ensure our clients that the Busybee Brand is a reliable and most importantly a credible business partner that any small, medium, or big enterprise can trust.


We are  credible team of professionals

What else are you looking for? Because we got programmers, engineers, web and application developers/designers, a whole marketing team, content writers, and graphic artists. Yes, professionals in various industries, to ensure our clients that their brands are in good and capable hands.


We are trusted by both Private and Government Agencies


Here at Busybee, we serve a diverse group of clients, because our services have been deemed needed by either Private or Government Agencies. It’s important to note that we ensure equal performances without looking at the level of our clients; whether they’re a small, medium or big enterprise, we’ll always give our maximum efforts.


We have everything DIGITAL MARKETING


Finally, it doesn’t get tiring to say, but Busybee is a proud one-stop-shop of all things digital marketing. SMS Marketing, Website Development, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and more! Seriously…AND MORE!

Imagine eating at a restaurant to find everything that you’ve been craving for there! Yeah, we’re like that.



Now, do we need to say more? So go ahead now and check out Busybee, see what best fit your brand.

 Just go to https://mybusybee.net/ or follow our Official Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/officialbusybee.textblast/ and contact (02) 929-2222 or (63) 917-837-2000 now!


Looking for a Software Reseller? We Got Your Back!

Looking for a Software Reseller? We Got Your Back!

Hi there!

So, one of the problems on coming up with a quality software is having to worry on how to sell them. Requiring a whole new area that needs a whole new field of expertise, unless you’re a big company that has it all from the development team to the marketing team.

But, there are aspiring creators that don’t have a complete set of team yet.

That’s why here at Busybee, we are giving those certain people a chance.

If you’re confident that you’re product has that quality that helps out those who struggle with any digital issue, or a tool that eases work well, you can partner with Busybee.


Simple, aside from Busybee having a whole marketing team that reaches to clients well, there is also the fact that we cater on both companies and government agencies. We have a diversity in terms of clients, and getting your software exposed to these clients is a great plus for you!

And even if you are an established company, but still need a whole new team to resell your software, we got your back. You’re welcome here!


So start with us, where everything Digital Marketing’s at! Just go to https://mybusybee.net/ or follow our Official Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/officialbusybee.textblast/ and contact (02) 929-2222 or (63) 917-837-2000 now!